Broken City (2012)

Not Bad. This movie had all the ingredients for one hell of a movie. Dirty cops, crooked politicians, sex, greed, and a star packed cast but somehow it felt like something was missing. The movie was ok, but seemed to fall a little short for me, and I can’t quite put my finger on what was missing. It’s too bad that the pieces just didn’t come together because this could have been a very good movie. It’s weird the way Hollywood works. I’m not sure if it’s when an actor gets older they take on any script just for the sake of working or what, but the days of Russell Crow being an A list actor and carrying a script on his own are gone. It’s too bad, because he was in a ton of movies that I enjoyed over the years. Bottom line the movie is not bad, definitely worth a watch and better than a bunch of the crap out there but there are other things to see before this.