Spectre (2015)

Ok. The Mobile Movie Man has a tradition that when a new James Bond movie comes out I always go to see it in the theater with my old man who is a big 007 guy. He’s an old school Bond fan but he does like Daniel Craig very much. This time around it just felt like Daniel Craig’s heart was not in it. There was not nearly enough action and gadgets, and this could be the worst opening scene of a bond movie ever hands down. It really is a kick in the balls to buck up and see a movie in the theater and not love it, but it is what it is. My father was not thrilled when I told him who the rumored replacement for Daniel Craig is. It’s Idris Elba (Black British actor), who is a very good actor, but my dad was not happy just because it’s different. I told him they did a black Annie, and a Black Kojack. Remaking white movies black is hot in Hollywood these days. He’s old and set in his ways, and does not embrace change. The movie was ok, and if you are a 007 fan I’m sure you will see this one for sure, but I would just save the money and see it as a rental instead. I do the dirty work so you don’t have to kids. My movie queue is running low folks so please drop me a few recommendations at either www.themobilemovieman@gmail.com or at https://twitter.com/Mobilemovieman and spread the word on where to go for some good #moviereviews on Twitter!