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I’m a huge movie buff. I always have been. I watch a ton of movies over the course of a year. 148 last year to be exact. I basically watch them on my commute to and from NYC each day. I started this blog because I have a bunch of people that hit me up each week asking me what I have seen the week before or recently and it was just easier to go the blog route than reply back to everyone all the time. I talk to a lot of people about movies, from the 1% to the guy working off the books not paying taxes beating the system and everyone in-between. I talk to a lot of different people about movies and as you read I’m very open to watching different types of movies and I’m extremely honest in my reviews. My personal favorite types of movies are thrillers, suspense, espionage, drama, and sports related movies. I’m a big Denzel Washington fan as well. I’m always looking for recommendations so feel free to drop me a line at nokes6h@hotmail.com  I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy doing it.

67 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi I really enjoy this site. I do not agree with your review of Django but I enjoy reading your reviews.

  2. Was just reading some of your reviews and you make Rex Reed look like a good guy!

  3. I am a huge movie fan as well. I’m excited I finally found a great place to get great reviews!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

  4. I like your opinions. It reminded me of a few movies that I wanted to see and I few movies that I’m going to stay away from now that I read your review. I think you were a little harsh about “127 Hours.” Although the story did seem a little stretched I wouldn’t call it terrible. I don’t think “Moonrise Kingdom” was terrible either. It does seem like Wes Anderson gets too “Quirky” for his own good sometimes–like your watching hipsters rehearsing a dramatic play–I think the story and the cinematography were really good. You should check out the movie “Outbreak” (1995) that movie freaked me out as a kid I was so afraid of germs after I saw it. They just don’t do suspense movies like they used to. Also check out “The Ladykillers” (2004) the movie has a great Sam Cooke soundtrack, good story, and comedy–plus it shows the range of Tom Hank’s acting.

  5. I checked out the impossible last night. thought it was pretty good, Thor was better. Like someone said above I also think you were too harsh on 127 hours. I thought it was a good flick.

  6. Have not seen the Promised Land yet, but certainly diagree with your political review of the film. If you feel that strongly then the message must be good! “Oh Please” keep reviewing and entertaining your biggest liberal democratic fan!

  7. I agree about Promise land and I think matt Damon is an idiot. really why do actors think that anyone care about the politics when half of them are morons.

  8. Have you seen the movie “Grown ups”? I didn’t think it was a great movie but it had its moments. I also want to see “Grown ups 2”, Just wanted your opinion.

  9. V – Thanks for your post – I saw Grown Ups in 2011 before I started to really keep track of the movies I watched. I thought the movie was terrible. The cast of actors was amazing, but I thought there was nothing funny about the movie at all. I was really disappointed. I think I put Adam Sandler in the penalty box over this movie, but if I were you I would go watch the grass grow because I think that will be more entertaining than the sequel.

  10. Oh P-L-E-A-S-E! So Snitch is another movie that the Hollywood liberals made just to annoy you. Look forward to your next unbiased review.

  11. Movie Man you are completely wrong about the movie Jumper. It was a terrible movie, I watched it on HBO (thank God) I think I regret even wasting an hour and a half of my time watching it.

  12. V – Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it and encourage it. That being said I could not disagree with you more. I did not say Jumper was a great movie; I said it was not bad and I said to check your mind at the door. For me a terrible movie is something that I’m constantly checking my watch to see how much more is left or something I can’t finish. I’m going to give you a few movies that are terrible that I think Jumper was much more entertaining than – Cloud Atlas, Mama, Les Miserables, Safe Haven, Moonrise Kingdom, Lincoln, This is 40, Bachelorette, The Crying Game, Killing them Softly, Seven Psychopaths, The Master, and Here Comes the Boom to name a few off the top of my head. I would rather masturbate with sandpaper than watch any of those movies. Now that is a list of terrible movies and Jumper is better by far than each and every one on that list.

  13. I thought Jumper was decent. not great but i enjoyed. MMM’s review was spot on.

    I agree this is 40 was god awful. I shut that one off after 15 minutes.

  14. My Good Man, Your review of The English Patient is totally off kilter and I must question your judgement. Your insane rants do amuse me but we won nine, I repeat, NINE academy awards including best picture. For you to criticize it that harshly makes me doubt your sanity. Please consider watching it again and then modifying your review.



  15. Mr. Fiennes – I appreciate you taking the time to post on my message board, I’m flattered that you enjoy rants, and I appreciate your criticism, but I think we will agree to disagree on the English Patient. I’m a big fan of your work, and I thought you were great in Schindler’s List, all of The Harry Potter movies, and even recently in Skyfall to name a few off the top of my head, but the English Patient was just not for me. Please continue enjoying my rants as I’m happy to know there are people out there in the business other than myself that do, please spread the word about the blog and I would love an opportunity to preview any of your other works before they are released to the general public. Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully we speak again.

  16. I love your reviews i don’t always agree however with that being said you never fail to crack me up!
    Keep them coming!

  17. I’d love for you to check out a movie of mine called lullaby (2008). I was an EP on that one and just looking for your feedback.

  18. Your Good Day to Die Hard review was spot on and funny. Not blaming the liberal Hollywood democrats for a dumb film. Good for you Mobile Man.

  19. Upside Down review…..ranting again MMM and when in doubt blaming the Hollywood Liberal film makers. You are toooooo funny 🙂

  20. Surprised you would watch Chasing Ice. Guess you thought the ice was in a cooler. You are funny MMM, love your rants. But do you have kids? Are you not concerned that environmental issues will adversely impact their lives. Do you really believe it will all even out in the end? Your “me, me, me” mentality is entertaining, so stay in your air conditioned ivory tower watching sports and movies and we liberals will keep trying to raise awareness for the rest of us.

  21. Read Inescapeable review and I am glad to see you have broaden your horizons to Casting Director also. Rant on MMM, rant on and have a great day.

  22. “I’m developing a screenplay that I’m going to sell to Hollywood called The Last Hommie on Earth starring Tom Hanks and we’ll see how that goes over!! ” This line made me laugh so hard that the people in my office were wondering what I was laughing about. Movie Man great review.

  23. Congratulations glad you recognize true talent when you see it. Alan Arkin is the real deal and has endured the test of time. There is hope for you MMM.

  24. So you did not like The Power of Few and want a refund. Too bad MMM being a critic can cost you. It’s a good thing I don’t have to pay to read your rants! Go buy a movie ticket and see what else you can complain about.

  25. In your review of Black Rock you refer to the female actors as chicks and broads. You are such a mancho man. Bet you were a big fan of Andrew Dice Clay or secretly The Village People?

  26. Olympus has fallen was terrible. I thought it would have been better. what do you think of Ben Affleck as the new batman? stuff just got real… real bad. I feel sorry for warner bros, I mean this was the best they could find? anyway looking forward to your review of daredevil!

  27. What can I say??? Laugh all you want but the new Superman movie made 649MM and the former Mr. J-Lo’s stock has never been higher. His Argo won the Best Picture Academy award last year and people found out that he could grow a full beard. The hits just keep coming for this guy. I’m not an Affleck fan but Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) cast as super villain Lex Luther will save this movie. He’s already proven that he can play bald evil very, very well. I think he’ll make an awesome Lex Luther. So Needless to say I’ll end up seeing this one and you will hear all about it from me! Thanks for the post Mr.Matt I welcome and appreciate all comments and feedback.

  28. A review of Oblivion equals Scientology which equals Tom Cruise banging John Travoltta. Wow do you love to rant.

  29. great review. Segal’s wife definitely was a gold digger and then turned into a skank. Unless they come out with a potion that stops aging in women, don’t ever put a ring on it.

  30. Very interesting blog. I love movies as well but I certainly don’t have the time to watch all of these movies. I do have to disagree with your review on Django. I watched painfully thru the first 40 minutes and had to turn it off. I do have to admit I am not a Tarantino fan and have not liked any of his movies. I would like to know your top ten movies of all time. So I can truly find out your taste for movies.

  31. Man of Steel was horrible. that is why I am 100% sure the superman/batman flick will be a 100% failure. Affleck wants to put Larry David in as one of the villains in what is sure to be the biggest fiasco of the century.

  32. Mike R – Thx for checking out the blog and I really appreciate the feedback. I like so many movies that I don’t have a “top 10” but I will try. Here it goes in no particular order – Braveheart, A Few Good Men, The Shawshanke Redemption, Silence of the Lambs, Goodfella’s, Gladiator, American History X, Scarface, Sent of a Woman, Terminator 2. Let me know what you think? Thanks!

  33. I’ve never seen Scent of a Woman. So I will add it to my must see list. Adding a sequel into your top 10 is interesting. 5 of your top 10 are in my list as well ( Few Good Men, Gladiator, Baveheart goodfellas and Shawshank) my other 5 are Remember the Titans, Almost Famous, The Patriot, Bronx Tale and The Postman. I know their are a bunch of others that are great in my book but when these 10 are aired on tv, I drop what I am doing and watch. This list doesn’t include my top 10 comedy’s or my all time favorite –
    Star Wars.

  34. I have a recommendation for you. I was surfing Netflix recently and came across a movie called ‘Poolhall Junkies’ and it looked good enough to watch just based off two of the actors; Christopher Walken and Chazz Palminteri. If you can review this and let me know what you think, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the great reviews and keep them coming.

  35. I had no desire to watch after earth prior to your review. It looked terrible, don’t know why you’d even waste your time on that. If what you say about Will Smith is true I will probably pass on all his future movies also.


  36. Slapshot review – talk about testosterone MMM. Little old me suggested you review this movie, but it took the Wine-O’s recommendation for you to take a look. Glad you enjoyed it!

  37. I just rewatched slingblade and I found it amusing that jon ritter was cast as a homo in this movie after his role in three’s company. I found it ironic.
    I laughed out loud at your white house down review. that had oscar written all over it! lol.

  38. I just saw we’re the millers and the call. your reviews were spot on. I enjoyed them both. thanks MMM. I saw The Hunger Games catching fire and thought it was ok.

  39. Thanks for reviewing Poolhall Junkies. I agree with your review. Anything with Walken and Palminteri is worth watching at least once. Thanks for not tearing me a new one. Lol

  40. Only God Forgives review…….Ok here to take your bait…….come and join me and some friends and let’s debate woman’s rights – you Republican SOB. Lol!!

  41. You are a typical Republican. Have a crush on Leo? Just stay out of the men’s room at the airport! Lol!

  42. I enjoyed your post not my kind of flicks but I gave it a try I sent you a movie I thought you would like ( A guide recognizing your saints )

  43. Cathy “The Good” thanks for recommending the review of Captain Phillips (although he would have reviewed it sooner or later. Lol) It’s nice to see that MMM is acknowledging you. Welcome “The Good”-please keep’em coming.

  44. What were you smoking when you watched Welcome To The Punch cause I would like some of that stuff!!!! You said that movie kept you on the edge of your seat but I had trouble staying awake for it. Best part of the movie was when everyone started killing each other cause I figured it had to be the end of this nonsense. I wish James McAvoy would have poked me in the eye with that needle instead of his knee because that would have been more pleasant than watching this complete and utter waste of a movie.

  45. In stead of watching these A’List actors in B’Movies and being nice and giving them good ratings I got a list of movies that you couldn’t find something wrong with and then my first recommendation was a shot down so il give you one more and if you can’t enjoy this I will send you a copy of beaches and call it a day and by the way the only time Jason Statham is at his best is when Guy Richie is behind him don’t get me wrong he is one of my favorite’s right now in action so I leave you with an all star cast in an Allstar movie ( Out Of The Furnace ) this one’s on me

  46. Anthony – thanks for the comment I appreciate the feedback – if you search back I reviewed Out of The Furnace. I was lucky enough to attend the premier of this movie before it was released. I liked it a lot but I have heard back from a bunch of followers who thought it was just ok.

  47. Couple of movies for you to check out. Fury. The equalizer. American sniper. Also u should re watch the delivery man w vinny Vaughn. I thought it was good.

  48. Anthony, out of the furnace was horrible. it was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. Please stick to your day job!!!

  49. MMM, loved your review of whiplash and I thought it was excellent. I would have skipped over this movie if not been for your review. it really was a gem. well done sir.

  50. Movie Man you are 100% wring about the avengers movie. I agree about the comment you made with grown men dressing up in marvel gear as if they were 9 years old BUT the movie was great I enjoyed it.

  51. Hi Movie Man. It’s been awhile since I’ve given a recommendation. You didn’t beat me up too bad over the last one I sent you (Poolhall Junkies) so I’ll try another. lol Let me know what you think about The Cooler with Alec Baldwin and a bunch of other great actors. Not sure if you’ve already reviewed it or not but would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  52. I think the mobile movie man or triple M as I like to call him is losing his sense o’ Yuma in his advancing years. Daddy’s home was a very funny movie and although will Ferrell is washed up he actually plays a great straight man in this movie. this is a very good movie and my family and I have watched it many times. Looks like triple M is selling out to the establishment. I wonder how many kickbacks he gets for his reviews these days. Shame on you

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