Black Butterfly (2017)

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Good. First off I want to welcome L. Van Ree to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now I think I’m being a little generous with this rating due to the fact that there is so much garbage out there these days. I know it’s not fair, but movies are trending downward badly and its refreshing to see something that I don’t totally hate. The movie is a typical psychological thriller for 2/3 of the movie, and then the viewer is rewarded in the last 1/3 when it takes an interesting twist. If you are the type of person that needs a lot of bells and whistles like car crashes, blood, and CGI graphics, then this might not be the movie for you. If you are an intellect like myself and like to listen, interpret, and figure things outs, then take a look and I think you will be presently surprised. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!



Going in Style (2017)

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Ok. Of course this is a remake because Hollywood does not have any more original ideas. This is a senior citizen comedy. My dad is in his mid 70’s, so I made a mental note on some of the jokes in the movie that I can use on him at a later date. The movie is nothing special, and completely unbelievable, but there is a TON of talented actors in this. Some of the scenes were overdone, but if you take it for what it is, it’s not god awful. I liked it, but not a lot. I was entertained taking it with a grain of salt, and if you can do that then you might be too. The movie could have been a lot better but I was glad to just make it through and not hate it. Pretty much all you can ask for from the liberals in liberal land these days! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!


Baywatch (2017)

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Good. You have to know what to expect going into this movie. I had such low expectations going in and it actually made me laugh. The Mobile Movie Man was not a Baywatch fan growing up. Don’t get me wrong….I loved the girls on the show. Straight fire on regular TV before you had the internet at your disposal, but I don’t think I ever watched an entire episode. You all know I’m a fan of the Rock, and I like his style of humor. If you can look past the silliness and the give me a break moments this is an easy movie to watch and enjoy. The actor that played Ronnie was hilarious and almost stole the show, epically with the scene that was reminiscent of Something About Mary. All in all this movie was WAY BETTER than I expected, and longer too. If you have your doubts, set them aside and trust The Mobile Movie Man, because this movie is a good laugh. Have I ever steered you wrong?? The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!

Wakefield (2017)

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God Awful. This movie is from the main characters point of view. He’s basically saying everyone has thought like he does at some point in their marriage. Actually, I haven’t, so maybe that is why I just don’t get the movie. For me I could never leave a successful career, to a homeless guy scrounging throw dumpsters for food and turning my back on my family. Call me crazy but that’s me. I also don’t buy the conclusion. Do you think the wife would listen to him and by sympathetic and understanding upon his return, or do you think she would call the police and have him taken in for medical observation?  Basically this is a writer’s fantasy run amok. He’s anti city, and anti the suburbs. To me it’s as if he’s anti humanity. This move was a complete waste of time so do yourself a favor and avoid this one at all costs. I took the bullet so you don’t have to. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!! Now run along, Good day!

The Rocker (2008)

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Ok. I was on vacation for a little bit kids, but I’m back with avengeance. 1st movie out of the shoot comes to us from Rosie in CT. Let me start by saying that it was not that funny but it was still entertaining. Rainn Wilson, who will forever be Dwight Schrute from the office to me, tries really hard to make this movie rock. It feels like the script and dialogue of the other characters seem to be written by a committee and that kind of brings the movie down a little bit. Christina Applegate brings the heat here and it was cool to see a pre Hangover Bradley Cooper as the wild guitarist in the rival band. The movie definitely does not suck but it’s not great either. Just ok. Thanks for the recommendation Rosie from CT and please keep just the good ones coming. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


The Circle (2017)

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Ok. I will say the only thing that makes this movie not god awful is the fact that it is a cautionary tale about what companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, and what they are doing with all of the personal data they are collecting. The film takes a small idea and then stretches it into a film. There is not much to the film outside of the tiny idea. The acting is weak, and one thing I realized is that Emma Watson cannot carry a full length feature film alone. The one really sad thing here is The Circle was Bill Paxton’s last movie. RIP. The movie is worth watching at some point just to be aware of the possibilities which are actually pretty much possible today, but there is no need to go out of your wat to see this movie. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!! Good day!!


Prisoner X (2016)

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Fair at best. First off I want to welcome AntVicino to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now this movie is a complete snoozefest people. Nothing new here. It’s like a variation of things we have all seen before. It picks up some steam in the last 1/3 of the movie but by that point who cares. You are probably have a sleep by that time. In a nutshell this movie is about a reluctant agent who is lured out of retirement to interrogate a prisoner. If that sounds like something you want to see then go for it, otherwise avoid this one because there are much better things to see than this.