Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

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Fair at best. I can’t believe JK Rowling’s wrote this. Now I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. My nieces and nephew were into it so I watched it so I had something in common to talk to them about and seem cool. I did like those movies, but call me unimaginative but I personally thought the plot here was nonsense. Just one disjointed weird thing after another. I thought the lead who besides being a pretty powerful wizard was a complete miscast for that part.  I did like the mind reading witch who I thought was lovely and charming, and the baker steals every scene he was in. Thank god for him because this might have been a god awful movie without him. There was such a star studded cast here that the movie should have been much better in my opinion. Besides being boring, the film is just too busy without much substance. No much to see here folks, keep moving. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!! Good day!


Spider Man: Homecoming (2017)

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Good. This film owes much of its success to the cast, because I think if other actors played certain parts the movie would fall a little flat. The script is clever and different but it’s the cast that really makes this movie a little better than it is. Tom Holland playing Spider man as an actual teenager felt genuine to me. Michael Keaton playing a villain I thought was an interesting choice because he played Batman years ago and now he was a villain, but he did an excellent job, and then there is Robert Downey Jr that steals every scene he’s in. There are a lot of funny lines and inside jokes, but the movie just does not take its self too seriously. I know some of the purists out there did not like this movie but I liked it, and the scene in the car between Keaton and Holland is hands down better than any action scene in the movie. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


6 Days (2017)

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Good.  I always like stories like this that are based on real events. I was really young when this event took place, and I don’t remember this at all. As I was watching this I was surprised how involved and confused the action in the embassy was and how close to a complete disaster the whole situation almost turned out to be. I was a little taken back at the way the Special Forces was portrayed in the movie. Usually they come across as intelligent top of the class physical specimens, but here they came off as street thugs. Was a little more believable to me. There were some great scenes and some really good lines in the movie. I like this type of stuff so I really enjoyed this, some people might think it’s boring, but not the Mobile Movie Man.


XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017)

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God Awful. This is like looking at an outlet on the wall and you know if you stick a fork in it you are going to fry yourself to death and you do it anyway. I knew this movie was going to be terrible but I watched it anyway.  To call this movie stupid is an upgrade for this movie. The movie is just laughable, it’s another example of expert marksmen who never miss vs inept soldiers who never hit. This movie is just a complete waste of time, and I’m a fan of action movies!!! This movie is just boring and in your face with unrealistic stunts and explosions that made me yawn. I do not recommend this movie for anyone! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


Ghost in the Shell (2017)

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God Awful.  First off I want to welcome the Cinematic Explorer to the world of followers.  Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now this is so Holly Wood it hurts!!! How are Japanese people not offended that the lead role was not cast by a Japanese person? I get that Scarlett Johansson brings the heat but she is a complete miscast for this role. There are some nice special effects here but nothing you have not already seen before. If you want something more than mindless dummed down lowest common denominator futuristic action adventure garbage, give Ex Machina a shot. It’s much better than this. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Baywatch (2017)

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Good. You have to know what to expect going into this movie. I had such low expectations going in and it actually made me laugh. The Mobile Movie Man was not a Baywatch fan growing up. Don’t get me wrong….I loved the girls on the show. Straight fire on regular TV before you had the internet at your disposal, but I don’t think I ever watched an entire episode. You all know I’m a fan of the Rock, and I like his style of humor. If you can look past the silliness and the give me a break moments this is an easy movie to watch and enjoy. The actor that played Ronnie was hilarious and almost stole the show, epically with the scene that was reminiscent of Something About Mary. All in all this movie was WAY BETTER than I expected, and longer too. If you have your doubts, set them aside and trust The Mobile Movie Man, because this movie is a good laugh. Have I ever steered you wrong?? The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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Fair at best. From the start you know what you’re getting yourself into with this movie. The story is weak but the only saving grace from this movie being god awful is the superior special effects. The fight scenes are awesome. Watching the movie the following thoughts went through my mind….dumb, corny, are terrible acting. Hollywood needs to come up with some new original ideas and stop rehashing the same old stuff. An old movie with new special effects is still the same old movie just in a shiny new package. Movies like this are why I rarely go to the movies anymore. Considering the complete pieces of garbage Hollywood has been putting out in recent years it’s no wonder why big time movie stars are running to do TV shows instead of movies. Video stores went out of business, and next it’s the movie theaters that will be out of business as well. People like me save a few bucks and save gas by getting the movie in the mail a few months later. It’s very rare there is something that I want to go out and see. Very sad. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!! Good day!