Papillon (1973)

Ok. I’m being very generous in saying this movie was ok. I watched this movie because one of my co workers was raving about this movie and over hyped it beyond belief, and for those of you who know me by now know this is so not my kind of movie at all. Older movies like this are like ugly women for me, they just don’t age well. The movie was so slow, boring and predictable. There are scenes where Steve McQueen is in solitary confinement in a prison, boy did I want to put my co worker in there with him for the pain and suffering I went through watching this movie because I felt like I was in prison too for two and a half hours. I’m not sure what exactly makes a movie a classic but I feel like the term is thrown around too loosely. Is it because it’s over forty years old? Boy am I dreading the day I become a classic…..but luckily for me I have a good amount of time for that. If you want to watch an amazing prison movie go see the Shawshank Redemption (in my top 10 of all time) because this movie has no twist of any sort at the end. No great realization, really no reason to watch, it’s just so dam long and pointless.

Chinatown (1974)

Ok. Look I never watch movies from before I was born, but this was recommended by one of the followers who is a college film student. The movie was just ok for me and I know that will throw film purists into a tizzy but this is just not my thing. I just thought the movie was so slow and boring. I’m a big fan of Jack Nicholson, and memorized his lines in a Few Good Men word for word, but I did not think he was anything special here at all. Faye Dunaway is supposed to be a 70’s smoke show…are you kidding me?? She’s in her early 30’s but to me she looks 50 in this movie and she’s not even hot. This story might have been relevant 40 years ago but today it’s just boring as hell, and the title has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Maybe they were trying to lure in the Asian’s and get them out to see the movie but I can’t see any other reason for the title.  It’s possible I would have liked this movie when it was originally released but watching it today 40 years later it’s completely mundane to me, and to think college film professors are telling the students to watch this as an assignment…..what a joke. Maybe there is hope for me as professor teaching kids about films after Obama shuts down Wall Street for good, because God knows I can recommend better movies than Chinatown. Sorry kiddo just not cup of tea.