Zero Days (2016)

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Fair at best. First off I want to welcome Simple Ula to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me a line at either or at Now those of you that read me on a consistent basis know that I do not like someone’s view force fed to me.  This is just a dishonest documentary with a clear agenda in favor of President Obama and the Iran deal against Israel. The director goes from speaker to speaker to explain “Stuxnet”, he identifies people who are mostly members of the intelligence community. The main speaker throughout is a woman whose identity is shielded who explains that she was employed by the government to help create the virus that targeted the Iranian centrifuges. The documentary is entirely too long but this woman gives the most compelling and dammining testimony but them confesses in the last 60 seconds to be a completely fictional composite represented by an actress. All of the allegations may be 100% accurate, but we’ll never know because the director could not persuade a real witness to come forward. There are better things to watch instead of this fake news. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken.


Tower (2016)

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Fair at best. The Worm checks in with a documentary about the University of Texas Austin clock tower sniper from the 60’s. Let me talk about the good and the bad. There was not much footage of the actual event. They had some firsthand witness accounts from that day. What I thought was distracting was they connected the dots through the use of animation. I’m really not sure if that was better than using actual actors, but I will tell you that it was definitely different. Once I got past the distraction it was informative but it was way longer than it needed to be. I thought it would have been more effective if they cut out 20 or 30 minutes. I would not recommend seeing this unless you are from Texas or were affected by this tragedy. This is basically a made for TV viewing experience and there are much better thing than this to see out there now a days. Worm you are much better than this, so please dust yourself off and get back on you horse. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Forever Pure (2016)

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Good. The Worm checks in with another solid recommendation. I was a little apprehensive at first because the Mobile Movie Man is not a huge soccer guy. I’m more of a casual fan. I watch during the world cup but that’s about it. I was glad I took the time to watch this one though. This is a documentary about a soccer club in Jerusalem and their die heart fan base. These fans are so invested in their teams, and it’s nothing like you see here in the United Stated. The relationship between sports and politics is always an uneasy one, now throw in Israel and the hatred between Jews and Muslims and you have some disturbing eye opening footage.  The documentary follows this specific soccer club through their 2012 – 13 season during which the political views of a vocal loyal group of fans threatens to tear the team to pieces. When this was over I was like thank god I was born and raised in the USA. This is a solid recommendation and a must see for any soccer fan. Thanks again Worm for the recondition and please keep them coming.


Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2014)

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This is just Ok for me. First off I would like to welcome Grecco from the south shore of God’s country Long Island to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me some movie recommendations at either either or at Now as a 1st recommendation out of the gate I feel as though you can do much better than this. This is just an ok “rock”umentary for me. This guy was no doubt good at his job, schmoozing and making his clients tons of cash. There are also some entertaining stories along the way. I just walked away having a hard time with this movie because he was portrayed as a man without flaws. The story really goes nowhere and by the end of the movie when you are supposed to feel sorry for him because he is all alone, I could really care less. It was really irritating when he was talking about Teddy Pendergrass and Karma. What a horrible, and pompous thing to imply that Teddy was somehow responsible to blame for his accident because he avoided a concert? I think he is disillusioned with the idea of fame and he is still searching for true happiness. I hope he finds it before he dies. Grecco, I do appreciate the recommendation, but please only good ones going forward. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken.


Leave the World Behind (2014)

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Ok. Now this comes to us from Denny in Jersey City and he is playing to my strengths with this recommendation. The Mobile Movie Man loves EDM and was a DJ in another life. This is a documentary about the group Swedish House Mafia, and there rise to fame. After they achieve the pinnacle in their craft, they decide to go on a world arena tour and before then announce the tour that also announce they were breaking when it’s over. Now it’s cool to see all of the pressure they face trying to duplicate the success of winning a Grammy, but even I thought it was too long and a little boring. I’m their target audience and I checked my watch several times. Some of the footage is mind blowing, but this could have been done in 30 minutes. I think it’s crazy to sell out Madison Square Garden for some guys that basically spin records, but that is what these guys did. Bottom line is this was ok, but 90% of my followers will not like this one, so buyer beware. Denny thank you for taking the time to make a recommendation, and please keep them coming.


Bleed for This (2016)

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Good. This movie hit a little close to home for me so I might have been a little generous here, but I really liked this movie. Now that’s saying a lot because I can’t stand Miles Teller, but this blue blood white anglo-saxon douchebag actually did a halfway decent job playing an Italian legend. One of my best friends was involved in a car crash in high school and went through the same halo surgery Vinny Pazienza went through, so I was very familiar with his story. Miles Teller nailed down even the little things that most people won’t notice, like when he’s at the table and someone on his left is talking to him he has to stop and turn his entire body left in order to look at that person and talk to them. I thought the physical acting was spot on. This is an inspirational story but as the movie went on and the more I thought about it, it was a sad movie to me. Pazienza was never able to conceive a meaningful life without boxing. He disregarded the best advice of his doctors, family and friends. The shallowness of his thinking was sad but this is a very inspiring story. Vinny refused to give up, avoided negativity, and his believe in himself attitude was infectious. Solid movie all around. If you like boxing movie then this is a can’t miss for you. As for my friend, he ended up being back to normal and playing baseball again at a high level. #Ripper

Iverson (2014)

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Good. I was a big NBA fan back in the day. Today not so much, but I watched a lot of Iverson during his career. I always knew about him getting arrested and the brawl in the bowling alley, and I knew about the infamous “Practice” speech but this film does a good job of looking at every side of these stories, the facts, the conspiracies, and all of the people involved. As a white kid growing up I took the media reports as the truth when in fact they were lying like they do today. As a player I respected the man, but off the court I was not such a fan more because of the fact that all I knew what was I saw in the media. The documentary does a great job of giving you a glimpse into the mind and the private life of a cultural icon. One of the takeaways I had with this was the fact that Iverson was misunderstood because he was not a good communicator. He had trouble expressing himself with the media and in the public eye. His college coach John Thompson was adamant that he should have stated in school and I’m sure there was a little selfishness there I truly believe if he would have graduated he would not have done some of the things he did and might not have had half the troubles he did. Bottom line is if you are an NBA fan then this is a must see. I enjoyed it but I’m a little biased here.