Hidden Figures (2017)

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Good Movie but this is no way factual at all. Guys the movie its self is a good movie but let me tell you what drives me absolutely mad about the liberals in liberal land. I did not want to see this movie because I’m so sick and tired of the race card in Hollywood. I finally ended up seeing this movie and when it was over I did a little digging to see exactly how this story played out in REAL life. The liberals can’t just tell the story how it happened….god forbid.  Get this – NASA was never segregated, EVER. The state of Virginia was, and the liberals do a great job depicting that, but after 1958 when NACA became NASA there was no segregated work forces, no segregated bathrooms, and no segregated dining rooms. The real life women who I saw an interview with on the internet said all researchers were treated accordingly and they always used the same restroom in the same building from day one. The black woman who was held back from becoming supervisor….another liberal land lie. She was made supervisor in 1949, 7 years after she started working there. The overly exaggerating and the outright fabrication of mistreatment bothers me for what it depicts.  People that lie, tell the same lie over and over again till they believe it as truth, and guess what…..history has been rewritten. Just tell the story like it is. No need for the Hollywood Liberal to make things up to force feed their message to us. Movie was good, but it is a fantasy  film and not fiction. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken! Good day!!!


Shot Caller (2017)

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Good. Pipe from the borough checks in with a movie that by title alone I thought was going to be garbage. I should know better because Pipe only checks in with solid recommendations. Great acting and a very good plot with no real star power here. This film is not for the faint of heart because it’s very violent, but the violence is necessary. This is surly one of the best movies I’ve never heard of. Are there some parts of the plot that stretch a little thin?? Sure there are, but you have to just go with it. Job well done Pipe. I don’t want to give away too much but hey Pipe, how about this for a title “Beast meets Money”??? I think that’s much better than Shot Caller. I definitely recommend this movie. Thanks again for the solid recommendation Pipe and please keep them coming!!


Queen of the Desert (2017)

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God Awful.  I don’t think I can articulate just how boring of a movie this is. Off that bad I hate James Franco, but I decided to give it a go anyway, but this was just boring from start to finish. There was not one interesting point in the entire film. I think the target audience is for someone even older than me, and even still the movie was torture. Actually the camels did a good job in the movie, but that’s it. Do yourself a favor and avoid this movie at all costs and you’ll thank me later. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken.


Brian’s Song (1971)

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Ok. This comes to us from Rockin Ronnie from Smithtown, and we all know how the Mobile Movie Man feels about classic movies. I really not a fan of them at all. The cinematography directing, acting, and writing are all cheesy in my opinion. I have not seen a lot of classics for this reason. I argue all the time that horses are a form a transportation too but are they great??  I get that this was an attempt to break down racial barriers at this time. It also shows that it’s ok to truly love a member of the same sex in a different way and not be classified as being gay. These are all taboo topics for that period of time. Even still I would still rather watch something current. Hate me or love me for this, but that’s how I feel and I’m always going to give you my honest opinion. Rockin Ronie, thanks for the recommendation, but this was just not for me. Please keep them coming but let’s just try to recommend movies that came out after I was born. Thanks! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!! Good day!!


The Exception (2017)

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Ok. This movie starts out god awful then there is a twist and picks up a little steam and turns into just an ok movie. I’m glad I didn’t turn it off after thirty minutes. The story line was just off base and far fetched but I guess you need to jazz up a script these days in order to sell it. Spoiler….This love affair where an officer would betray his country for a servant girl would NEVER happen. You have to suspend your belief levels a bit to find any enjoyment in the movie. Once you get past the absurdity the subject matter was interesting and covers history that is not normally covered. If you are a fan of WW2 movies and Nazi Germany then I think you will definitely see this movie. Liking it is a completely different story. Tread lightly. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


All Eyez on Me (2017)

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Ok. This movie comes to us from The Worm, whose reputation speaks for its self but this movie could have been so much better. I would have seen this movie anyway but the Worm telling me to see it makes it a no brainer for me. I can relate to this a little better than some of you out there because I was in high school at the time and I remember exactly how these events played out. Straight out of Compton was good and it was like they were trying to cash in on that success as well because they saw how well that did. The movie is definitely a little long and be cut down at least 30 minutes. Would that have made it better? I don’t know. The movie was a long time coming. I’m not so sure that Tupac’s mother would have green lit this movie if she was alive. If you are a fan of Tupac or that type of music you will see it for sure but the story is so so and the best part about the movie is the music. It took me back to a time with no worries and no responsibilities. Over all I was disappointed because this movie should have been so much better than it was. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken.


Wakefield (2017)

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God Awful. This movie is from the main characters point of view. He’s basically saying everyone has thought like he does at some point in their marriage. Actually, I haven’t, so maybe that is why I just don’t get the movie. For me I could never leave a successful career, to a homeless guy scrounging throw dumpsters for food and turning my back on my family. Call me crazy but that’s me. I also don’t buy the conclusion. Do you think the wife would listen to him and by sympathetic and understanding upon his return, or do you think she would call the police and have him taken in for medical observation?  Basically this is a writer’s fantasy run amok. He’s anti city, and anti the suburbs. To me it’s as if he’s anti humanity. This move was a complete waste of time so do yourself a favor and avoid this one at all costs. I took the bullet so you don’t have to. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!! Now run along, Good day!