6 Days (2017)

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Good.  I always like stories like this that are based on real events. I was really young when this event took place, and I don’t remember this at all. As I was watching this I was surprised how involved and confused the action in the embassy was and how close to a complete disaster the whole situation almost turned out to be. I was a little taken back at the way the Special Forces was portrayed in the movie. Usually they come across as intelligent top of the class physical specimens, but here they came off as street thugs. Was a little more believable to me. There were some great scenes and some really good lines in the movie. I like this type of stuff so I really enjoyed this, some people might think it’s boring, but not the Mobile Movie Man.


Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

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Good. Now I got a bunch of e mails on this one and some of the earlier ones were The Worm and Wojo from South Jersey. Now this movie for me was more of a tale of two movies. The first half of the movie, had it continued the same way would have received a fair at best review from me.  The back 9 on this movie is so good that it salvages it, and that is very rare with movies these days. It’s so amazing that this is a true story and the real clips and interviews at the end of the movie are simply amazing. Desmond Doss, a name I’ve never heard before was a true hero. I can’t say enough about this man. The movie really stays with you when it’s over. Vince Vaughn is annoying to me but not even he can ruin this movie. Mel Gibson who directs this, loves violence and carnage, and he does an excellent job capturing the violence and getting your emotions involved in the story line.  If you are one of those people with weak stomachs then this might not be for you because there are some serious graphic war scenes. I have never sniffed a battle field but I would imagine that it would be similar to what I saw on the screen. The fact that this is based on true life makes it even better in my opinion. I liked this movie and thought it was good, if you are a fan of war then this is a no brainer for you. Thanks again for the solid recommendations guys and please keep them coming. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

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Good. I can hear some people yawning, but you guys know I like action movies, and if you like them as much as I do then you will like this one as well. I’m not going to lie, I do have a hard time separating Ethan Hunt from Jack Rreacher because to me they are exactly the same character, but Tom Cruise is very good in roles like this and turns in a solid performance. This movie has all of the elements of a good action movie. Suspense, plenty of action, some backstabbing, a decent cast, and a plot that actually makes sense with decent pacing, without being too confusing.  Anyone who does not like an action movie with all of those components and Tom Cruise as a headliner should just stop watching action movies altogether and just go watch Les Miserable instead. This is a good Action movie that is better than half of the movies I saw last year. Game set match point! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken. Now go run along and enjoy your weekend. Class is dismissed!


Anthropoid (2016)

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Good. Let me start by saying yesterday’s movie was recommended by Pipe from the borough. He hit me up yesterday saying he didn’t get credit. I get hitting me up if the movie is very good and you don’t get credit, but none the less he did recommend Our Kind of Traitor yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation Pipe and please keep the good ones coming. Now on to today, and Pipe will also like this one because he is also fascinated with WW2 and the Nazi regime. This comes to us from The Worm who has been a little MIA of late. Welcome home Worm. If there is a movie that has anything to do with WW2 the Worm has seen it, so this recommendation does not surprise me at all. This movie is fascinating. It’s extremely brutal, but still fascinating. If you can’t handle violence you are better off skipping this one because there is plenty of that, but I felt it was necessary considering the subject matter. The story flows well and I thought the acting was also very good. What made this movie stand out to me more than a lot of other movies about WW2 was the fact that I knew nothing about this actual event that took place in History. This is not you “happy ever after” Hollywood popcorn flick. This is just a well done depiction of real events. Thanks again for the solid recommendation Worm and please keep then coming.


Free State of Jones (2016)

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Good.  Going in I was saying to myself “again with slavery???”, but this movie was very interesting to me. One of the major takeaways I had was the fact that the Democrats have been lying and cheating to get in power since inception. It was the republicans who fought for black people and gave them the right to vote, as well as women’s rights to vote. It’s amazing how people forget about their own history and the Democrats take the credit now. I thought the acting was great, and the detail to that period of time was spot on. The only negative for me was the fact that it was a little long. A couple spoilers are coming……The battle scenes although short are very good, but with that long of a movie I felt they should have focused on the battles and not jump to the 1970’s court case against the main character’s great great grandson.  To me that is another story in itself. Thankfully those flash forwards are short and spread out of the entire movie. Overall it’s a good movie, and if you are a fan of the civil war then it’s a must see. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

Eye in the Sky (2016)

Good. This comes to us from The Lizard in the borough.  Good call by her as this one would have slipped through the cracks for me. I feel like all of these war movies have saturated the market but this was a good one. It gives a good look into all of the spineless bureaucrats refusing to do their jobs and make the decisions necessary for the military to do their jobs. I walked away feeling like stuff like this goes on daily in government. I thought the acting was terrific, and as the story unfolds it really shows the moral dilemmas involved in staying within the rules of engagement while fighting terrorism. Are some of these scenes exaggerated, without a doubt, but I felt like the movie shows people with power who want to avoid making the hard decisions. The best line in the movie is when Alan Rickman says “Never tell a soldier he doesn’t know the cost of war!!!” That was a powerful line. Solid movie, all around. Well done Lizard. Thanks for the recommendation and please keep just the good ones coming. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!! Now run along!


13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

Very Good. I’m on a hell of a streak right now because I have seen three very good movies in a row. This is uncharted waters for The Mobile Movie Man. Now this one comes to us from Frankie Dank on the Upper East Side of NYC, and boy was this a good recommendation. The movie is very good but also very sad at the same time. All of the traitors in DC owe every man and woman who survived these horrific attacks an apology for abandoning them during this awful barrage. I applaud every soldier who survived for their heroism. Even though they were abandoned by the White House and the Sec. of State they still won. Every politician who had a hand in the decision to abandon our men should be thrown out of office, and that includes the Democratic choice who is running for president that made that decision to abandon our men. Our out of touch leaders knew there was a high probability of an attack on 9/11, but chose not to respond. Evan as the attack started and the victims begged for support, our soldiers were only 5 minutes down the road and could have been there to save our men’s lives but they were told to STAND DOWN. I will never understand that. This movie is spectacular in every way. These men and women that lived through an overwhelming 13 hours and still they were discredited. The movie should be watched by every American to see the truth behind the 13 hours of Benghazi. The movie is riveting as the truth usually is. This was a tremendously enlightening movie. Regardless of the political implication this is one of those action packed movies that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Great recommendation Frankie Dank. Please keep them coming!!!