Black Butterfly (2017)

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Good. First off I want to welcome L. Van Ree to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now I think I’m being a little generous with this rating due to the fact that there is so much garbage out there these days. I know it’s not fair, but movies are trending downward badly and its refreshing to see something that I don’t totally hate. The movie is a typical psychological thriller for 2/3 of the movie, and then the viewer is rewarded in the last 1/3 when it takes an interesting twist. If you are the type of person that needs a lot of bells and whistles like car crashes, blood, and CGI graphics, then this might not be the movie for you. If you are an intellect like myself and like to listen, interpret, and figure things outs, then take a look and I think you will be presently surprised. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!



Solace (2016)

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Good. Anthony Hopkins is usually great in anything he is in, and he plays a psychic cop called out of retirement to solve a serial killer case.  The female cop is not a very good actress at all. I thought she was completely miscast. I wish there had been more of Colin Farrell and Jeffery Dean Morgan and less of her but the scenes that these guys are in were good and riveting. This was a solid thriller and kept me locked and loaded for the entire movie. The screen just comes alive whenever Hopkins is on it, and it was the early part of the story that interested me. As the story starts to unfold it turned out to be a supernatural thriller with an interesting twist. Solid choice on any movie night if you can just go with the whole supernatural angle, you won’t be disappointed. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!


Nocturnal Animals (2016)

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Was ok.  There is a TON of potential here but this is just another movie in a long list of movies where the director can’t make up his mind for the ending. I’m sure the director thinks he’s trendy or edgy by doing this but to me it’s just lazy. Plain and simple. The jist of this movie is about the emotion one goes through when his partner gives up on their romance for a more materialistic life. In this case that person happens to be a writer and he goes on to write a horrific fictional tale of loss so that others can truly absorb the depth of his loss. One thing I liked was that in his story they used an actress who looked very similar to his ex-wife in the movie Amy Adams so there was no doubt who this story was inspired by. Producers should do more of this in my humble opinion.  Bottom line here the movie is just ok but could have been very good. That’s it folks. Good day!

A Kind of Murder (2016)

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God awful. First off I want to welcome Maxxesbooktopia to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me some movie recommendation at either or at .   This is a Hitchcock wannabe, plain and simple. The plot is about an innocent man who wishes someone dead and they wind up killed, just like Strangers on a Train. The script is weak and the acting is pathetic. The only saving grace for the movie were the scenes from the 60’s. They were well done, but that was the only thing that was done well in this movie. If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist, I would suggest doing that instead of watching this movie. It’s just that bad!!! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


Split (2017)

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Good. I got a lot of positive e mails on this one that I should see this. The Rock, Fat Joe, T-Top, and James from the south side of Jamaica Queens were the 1st ones to put me on to this one. I have to start by saying this director M. Night Shyamalan has released atomic bomb after atomic bomb since the Sixth Sense. I’ve said time and time again how in the world is this guy still working in Hollywood?? Now this is by no means a very good movie, but it is definitely a step in the right direction for him. If this movie counted for the Oscars in 2016 James McAvoy wins for best actor hands down. It’s a little too bad that he has to wait till March 2018 for recognition. I really hope people don’t forget about this AWSOME performance. The plot is good and although there were a few plot holes in the story that bothered me over all this is still a good movie. I will say that without McAvoy this is a mediocre movie.  I liked it and it was a good viewing experience. I’m on a mini roll here with a few good movies in a row. Let’s keep this going kids. If you are a fan of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, or any type of psychological thriller then this is a must see for you. Thanks for all of the feedback people. I really appreciate it, because I definitely would not have seen this one in the theater let alone on dvd due to the fact that Shyamalan was in the penalty box with me! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Regression (2016)

Ok. As a Wall Street guy who is good with money, I have some free advice to all of the kids from the Harry Potter movies……save your money, because you guys are not going to make it as actors anymore. Every movie I have seen with the main three outside of the series have been fair at best to god awful. Emma Watson should go buy a house in the country somewhere, raise chickens and give up acting altogether because she stinks, and eat something while you are at it because you are way too skinny. I mean sickly skinny. The movie it’s self is just ok. It’s based on a true story, but even still it’s very predictable, and it extremely slow and tough to watch during certain parts. If you like movies that deal with the devil then you will like this one but probably not more than anything you have seen already. If you are lukewarm to similar movies like me then this will not impress you at all. There are better things out right now that I would watch instead of this, now kids my queue is getting dangerously low so please send me some recommendation. New, or old, I don’t care, just something good to watch. So just in case you forgot, send them to either or at Thanks guys!!


The Gift (2015)

Good. It’s good to be back folks. The Mobile Movie Man was away for the thanksgiving holiday and now I’m back to work. I hope everyone’s turkey day was as good as mine. Now the Gift comes to us from Mr.Matt and first time long time Greg Mully who represents Jersey but was raised out in Queens. I typically like these kind of movies, and this was no different for me. I will admit that it starts off painfully slow for about the first half hour then it picks up steam. The acting was solid and when the film was over I thought to myself that you really don’t need all of the explicit sex scenes and the continuous F-bombs to make a good movie these days. I did have one problem with this movie, and that was the ending. It was just unsatisfying, and it seems to be a trend nowadays with so many loose ends unresolved at the end of movies. I think that directors feel like that makes their movie more intelligent, not spelling out the ending for the viewers, but I could not disagree with that more especially in a movie like this where the ending begs for at least some sort of resolution, but unfortunately we don’t get any of that. All in all this is still a good movie and a solid viewing choice considering all of the crap that is out there these days. Thanks again boys for your recommendations and please keep them coming to either or at