The Dark Tower (2017)

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God Awful. I watched this movie for one reason, and one reason alone….Matthew McConaughey. I had no idea this was a series of children’s books, but this movie was just plain awful. The story is terrible. There is no explanation at all about the Dark Tower. What is it? What’s its purpose, cause and effect etc? It does get zapped by a super beam of light but were not told what happens. Then there are the men in black. We never get the who, when, or why about them either. There are way too many holes to even understand what you are watching. If you are an adult there is no way you will like this movie at all. Maybe and just maybe if you are a male teenager then and only then you might like this movie. For all of the intellectuals out there like myself, do yourself a favor and avoid this one at all costs. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


Spider Man: Homecoming (2017)

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Good. This film owes much of its success to the cast, because I think if other actors played certain parts the movie would fall a little flat. The script is clever and different but it’s the cast that really makes this movie a little better than it is. Tom Holland playing Spider man as an actual teenager felt genuine to me. Michael Keaton playing a villain I thought was an interesting choice because he played Batman years ago and now he was a villain, but he did an excellent job, and then there is Robert Downey Jr that steals every scene he’s in. There are a lot of funny lines and inside jokes, but the movie just does not take its self too seriously. I know some of the purists out there did not like this movie but I liked it, and the scene in the car between Keaton and Holland is hands down better than any action scene in the movie. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


Ghost in the Shell (2017)

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God Awful.  First off I want to welcome the Cinematic Explorer to the world of followers.  Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now this is so Holly Wood it hurts!!! How are Japanese people not offended that the lead role was not cast by a Japanese person? I get that Scarlett Johansson brings the heat but she is a complete miscast for this role. There are some nice special effects here but nothing you have not already seen before. If you want something more than mindless dummed down lowest common denominator futuristic action adventure garbage, give Ex Machina a shot. It’s much better than this. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Morgan (2016)

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Fair at best.  This is what he have for full length feature films these days. This is basically a glorified cable TV movie. The issue I had with the movie is that the characters were just so under developed that I really didn’t care about them at all. The movie gets going quickly and the setup is minimal. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it was here because I was not fully invested just yet. Another thing that bothered me is that some of the wooden characters had chances to stop the carnage but they instead just choose to do nothing. That was so dumb. The premise was somewhat interesting it was just that there is really no story here. For what it is…it’s fairly well done but what it is, is not that much so do yourself a favor sand see something else. Your time will be better spent. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Good. I get the feeling that Disney is going the route of making classics in to real live full length feature films like The Jungle Book. I love the original animated classic. That movie was so good it was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar that year. This movie is not nearly as good as that movie but it’s not bad either. There are some improvements here but there are also others that are not so good. I do like how the movie makes the characters more three dimensional. The movie is basically exactly like the original which makes me question why even make this in the first place? Outside of Emma Watson as Belle, I thought the entire cast did a very good job. Watson has no emotion in her facial expressions and that even translates in her singing of these classic songs. The movie probably could have been very good if she was not in it, but Disney felt they needed star power to sell this one. With all of the crazy stuff going on in this world it was refreshing to see a movie without zombies, vampires, car chases, or bombings. The music was great, and the acting was good enough. At the end of the day its solid family entertainment for the whole family, just not nearly as good and the cartoon. I will throw out there that the beast might be a little scary for very little ones so thread lightly. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!


The Girl with All the Gifts (2017)

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Fair at best. I don’t get peoples fascination with zombies in general. I know people love the TV show the Walking Dead, but the movie was so boring I was on my phone constantly and losing focus. I did make it to the end but the story is very slow and dark, and there are a couple major holes in the story. They don’t do a good job of explaining things, and the movie is just horrible all around. Glen close with no makeup??? What was she thinking??  The premise is a little different but what does that matter if you have a hard time making it through the entire movie? At the end of the day the movie is almost 2 hours long and it’s just not worth your time to sit through your garbage so do yourself a favor and avoid this movie at all costs. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!


Prisoner X (2016)

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Fair at best. First off I want to welcome AntVicino to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now this movie is a complete snoozefest people. Nothing new here. It’s like a variation of things we have all seen before. It picks up some steam in the last 1/3 of the movie but by that point who cares. You are probably have a sleep by that time. In a nutshell this movie is about a reluctant agent who is lured out of retirement to interrogate a prisoner. If that sounds like something you want to see then go for it, otherwise avoid this one because there are much better things to see than this.