Nerve (2016)

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OK. This is a millennial movie, so I was definitely not the target audience. I thought the concept was pretty good and the 1st 2/3 of the movie were cool, but in the last 1/3 the wheels come completely off. The movie is aimed at teens and anyone who can suspend their disbelief. The idea of the movie was interesting enough. Create a game that feeds into the millennials needs for acceptance from strangers and lack of respect for rules. As the movie was progressing I kept saying to myself “just walk away you fools”, but like I said earlier, I was the wrong demographic for this movie. Overall there is lots of action and the plot moves along at a good pace, it’s just way too formulaic for me. The movie is not god awful, so maybe watch this on a slow night. You can definitely do a lot worse than this movie, and if you are in college like my nieces then you will probably really like this one. Thread lightly folks. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!

Paper Towns (2015)

Bad.  The Mobile Movie Man hates to admit this but maybe, just maybe I’m getting old. This movie annoyed me more than it should have, and maybe it was because the preview looked promising. If that was the case…congratulations, because I was fooled. This movie is trying so hold to be this generations The Breakfast Club but it fails miserably. Where is all this anger you may ask?? I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a parent in my 30’s who’s not meant to like this movie in the first place?  Or maybe it’s because I’m coming off the high of the other teen drama Me Earl and the Dying Girl? Whatever it is, this one annoyed me beyond belief. The movie had potential but it just becomes so lame in my opinion that it was difficult to watch. The pranks in the beginning of the movie was the only part that amused me, outside of that I thought the movie sucked. SPOILER ALERT – one thing that bothered me was the fact that the spoiled girl runs away…how does a 17/18 year old girl with no job, money, or high school diploma, and pretty much no prospects find a way to live?? Is she supposed to just rely on the good will of others to pay her way?? That is a complete joke to me. I can’t figure out exactly why this movie bothered me so much, but it just did. Bottom line is avoid this movie at all costs unless you are south of 18yrs old, and even then you still might not like it. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Gravity (2013)

Very Good.  I was very surprised how much I liked this movie, because coming in I was a little skeptical with a movie that basically only has two actors in it, but the visual effects, and the story make up for any preconceived notions you might have going in.  I only wish I had seen this in 3D because I’m sure it was even better in that format.  Now we have all seen real space, and as far as fake space goes, this was pretty dam good. There are a ton of special effects that tie in with a story about of the human will to live make for a very good movie in my opinion.  Sandra Bullock is ok with me. She has made some good movies but she has also made some atomic bombs. George Clooney is what really roped me into this movie. He is definitely in my top 5 favorite actors and he does not disappoint here. This is a highly suspenseful, deeply moving, edge of your seat movie that if is still out in the theaters is a must see on the big screen. Special thanks goes out to the Shermanator again for the sneak peek. Thanks again my friend.

The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

Awful. This was recommended by a young college film student that I know and if he makes it as a director and these are the things he and his generation like and produce then we are in big trouble as an audience because this movie was awful. The first third of the movie is very interesting. The premise of the movie is original and cool, but it really does not come together well at all in the end. It felt like they ran out of ideas, or was way over budget and went a completely different direction for the ending just for the sake of finishing the product. It seemed like they tried to make a horror version of the Truman Show, and I could not believe Sigourney Weaver would sink so low to appear in this garbage.  One of the characters was a stoner and was high for the entire movie. Now that would have helped with the pain of watching this crap, but not even that would have been enough. I was so upset that I wasted 101 minutes of my life on this trash, but I am forever grateful that I didn’t spend $15 to catch it in the theaters. So let’s summarize shall we??? If you are 14 years old or have the IQ of an Ugg boot then you would like this, otherwise it’s a complete waste of time. Sorry kiddo!

Warm Bodies (2013)

Dumb. I thought the movie was dumb. Zombies, vampires, and werewolves are hot right now, and Summit Entertainment was trying to cash in on their Twilight franchise and they killed it compared to the miniscule budget they were working with here.  (35MM to make and did over 115MM at the box office without the DVD numbers) These are not my types of movies but if you are a teenager I can see you liking this movie, it has that cult following type of feel. At one point I was wishing one of the zombies would just eat my brain and put me out of my misery as well, but unfortunately I had to suffer through the entire movie. This movie dubs it’s self as a romantic comedy, but I felt like I laugh more at my father’s jokes than I did in this movie. I will say the movie does have a killer soundtrack (pardon the pun).  If you are south of 16 it might be worth checking out, other than that save your time for something more productive….you’ll be glad you did.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012)

Good movie. There is a little something that everyone can relate to in this movie. It’s not often that a movie like this keeps me interested after the first 20 minutes but I was locked in for the entire movie. It’s basically the highs and lows of high school that everyone can relate to.  I can’t get Emma Watson’s harry potter character out of my head when I see her and her fake American accent was very annoying to me but that being said I liked this movie a lot and it has a killer soundtrack.  Good movie.