Black Butterfly (2017)

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Good. First off I want to welcome L. Van Ree to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now I think I’m being a little generous with this rating due to the fact that there is so much garbage out there these days. I know it’s not fair, but movies are trending downward badly and its refreshing to see something that I don’t totally hate. The movie is a typical psychological thriller for 2/3 of the movie, and then the viewer is rewarded in the last 1/3 when it takes an interesting twist. If you are the type of person that needs a lot of bells and whistles like car crashes, blood, and CGI graphics, then this might not be the movie for you. If you are an intellect like myself and like to listen, interpret, and figure things outs, then take a look and I think you will be presently surprised. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!



The Circle (2017)

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Ok. I will say the only thing that makes this movie not god awful is the fact that it is a cautionary tale about what companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, and what they are doing with all of the personal data they are collecting. The film takes a small idea and then stretches it into a film. There is not much to the film outside of the tiny idea. The acting is weak, and one thing I realized is that Emma Watson cannot carry a full length feature film alone. The one really sad thing here is The Circle was Bill Paxton’s last movie. RIP. The movie is worth watching at some point just to be aware of the possibilities which are actually pretty much possible today, but there is no need to go out of your wat to see this movie. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!! Good day!!


Prisoner X (2016)

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Fair at best. First off I want to welcome AntVicino to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out, and please drop me a line at either or at Now this movie is a complete snoozefest people. Nothing new here. It’s like a variation of things we have all seen before. It picks up some steam in the last 1/3 of the movie but by that point who cares. You are probably have a sleep by that time. In a nutshell this movie is about a reluctant agent who is lured out of retirement to interrogate a prisoner. If that sounds like something you want to see then go for it, otherwise avoid this one because there are much better things to see than this.


The Hunter’s Prayer (2017)

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Ok. I’ve seen this story many times over the years in various forms. A hired assassin can’t go through with killing his next assignment. Then his boss puts a hit out on both of them, and they are on the run trying to escape assassin after assassin. Despite the formulaic plot and the wooden dialogue I was interested enough to see it through. Some of you might wave the white flag at some point but the action is good if you can suspend your disbelief. I am a fan of action so I might be a little biased here but it’s a decent rental and you can do way worse than The Hunter’s Prayer. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!! Good day!


F8: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

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Ok. I’m pot committed with this franchise. I was anxious to see how they would continue without Paul Walker and there is just something missing here. They introduce Charlize Theron as a villain and she was so over the top bad, and not in a good way. The story line here is very painful and ridiculous. There were some good stunts and special effect which you come to expect with these movies but I’m starting to think it’s time to put this franchise out of its misery. This used to be about thieves racing cars, but now it’s about guys saving the world. I don’t know, but I have a hard time looking at Ludacris as being some computer geek who writes code? Seriously???  If you have seen them all then you will no doubt see this one as well. There is a lot of action. Some believable, and some not, but thank god for the special effects because that save this film for me from being a complete bomb. Thread lightly with this one because I’m putting it up there with the second film, and we all know how bad that one was. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken! Good day!


Unforgettable (2017)

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No Bueno. First off I want to welcome Jennifer Anne Swick to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out girl, and please drop me a line at either or at Now let me start by saying that I have seen better Lifetime movies than this. It’s so predictable. Ex-wife goes psycho on her ex’s girlfriend. There is really no suspense to the movie at all. It’s just annoying. Hollywood is really running out of ideas it seems. Guys I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, poorly written and poorly acted. Not much more than I can say about this one. Unforgettable is totally forgettable. Save you time and watch something else. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


London Heist (2017)

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God Awful. How in the world did this movie make it into my Netflix queue?? Was this some type of joke? Heist movies are typically good and easy to pull off. How in the world do you screw up this movie you ask? I’ll tell you how….cheap production, D list actors that can’t act, poor editing, poor sound, and no script. That pretty much sums up this movie in a nut shell. This is a perfect example of a movie that goes STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. What a complete waste of time this garbage was. I seriously have to find out how this movie was sent to me. Avoid this movie at all costs because this is easily one of the worst movie I’ve seen this year. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken. Good day!!