Café Society (2016)

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No Bueno. First off I want to welcome Bensbitterblog  to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me a line at either or at  The fact that this is a Wood Allen film is reason enough I should have skipped this one. The man just needs to retire because he is constantly putting out garbage over and over again. I saw this movie for Steve Carell, and not even he could save this movie. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart ruin this film. They are both horrid actors that are cardboard and cannot act at all. There is zero chemistry between them and they are supposed to be infatuated with each other. It was so bad that it was actually hilarious to me. These two are terribly miscast. Jesse’s voice is beyond cringe worthy. How he gets any roles is beyond me. He’s exactly the same in every part he plays. I have seen a bunch of movies he was in and every time he plays the exact same character. Zero range. I think Jesse and Kristen Stewart both need to find new careers. There is a point in the movie where I say to myself this has to get better. Maybe Woody can pull a rabbit out of his hat and redeem himself here, but nothing ever comes of it. This is just a boring movie. Just go away already Woody and die with dignity.  Avoid this movie at all costs. You have been warned. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Why Him? (2016)

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Good. First off I want to welcome Coreys079 to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me a line at either or at  This comes to us from K.Koza in the borough and let me start by saying I hate James Franco with a passion, but he was not bad here at all. The movie is rated R for a reason and that’s because there are a TON of F-BOMBS in this film. It was like they were going for the world record here or something. This movie is like if you take Meet the Parents, Superbad, and the foul language of Goodfellas mash them all up and you come up with this over the top comedy. I had zero interest in seeing this but I was glad that I did because there were several laugh out loud moments here for me. You definitely can’t watch this one with the kids but if you can watch this with adults only I think you will like this one because overall I thought it was funny. Thanks again for the solid recommendation K.Koza and please keep just the good ones coming! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!! Good Day!


Collateral Beauty (2016)

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Good.  I spoke to some people that did not like this movie because the director leaves you to make your own conclusions at the end, and I know you might say that is lazy on his part but I thought there were enough twists in the plot to keep you interested throughout. If you are looking for a movie where you can just veg out on the couch and not focus then this might not be the right choice for you. There is some depth to the story and some thought provoking moments. This is a deep movie and unless you are like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz this movie will stir up some deep emotions. The cast is solid and I thought the story was well written. This movie had a little feel of The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis to me. Now there is a lot of negative feedback out there on this movie, but I liked it and if you can just sit back and allow your emotions to come out of hiding you will enjoy this one too. That’s just my humble opinion. Please drop me a line and tell me what you think.


La La Land (2016)

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Ok. Back to back Bobby the Wine recommendations here. I had zero interest in seeing this movie from the get go, but it was Bobby the Wine’s recommendation that made me give it a second look. The Mobile Movie Man is not a fan of musicals at all. Evita, Chicago, Les Miz – you can have them all. This is like a hybrid of those films. Half musical, and half speaking traditional movie. I don’t get what all of the hype about this movie was at all. Charlize Theron and Amy Adams were absolutely robbed by the academy here. This is a prime example of the liberals at their political worst on this one. Emma Stone, who I like, can barely sing, and is an ok dancer, is the one bright spot of the movie. Ryan Gosling can’t sing for his life, and to compare his dancing scene on the hill tops of LA to Gene Kelly is downright insulting. They both should not be allowed near a microphone ever again. The ending was a little lame, and if this is real life then these two deserved each other. This is supposed to represent Southern California, it’s no wonder why Northern California wants to secede from the state after watching this. Bobby the Wine, I’m going to give you a mulligan on this one because you are better than this. Thanks for the recommendation but going forward please no more show tunes. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!



Passengers (2016)

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Not Bad. The Mobile Movie Man likes movies about space and he’s a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence so I figured this was a can’t miss movie. I thought it was a decent sci-fi movie but there were some lame parts. There are no aliens or any scary stuff here. This is more of a love story with a sci-fi back drop. I don’t want to give away too much but the story is ok, you have to check your mind at the door and just go with it and you’ll be ok. It has some great visuals and it’s like an escape from your troubles kind of movie which is what I look for when I’m doing the rat race home from the 212. The movie is at least 15 minutes too long but will keep your attention with the special effects. The story line has been done before in other films with different titles, but this movie approached some situations from a different prospective. Entertaining, and sappy, but overall not that bad. So just to recap quickly this movie is short on the sci-fi and heavy on the love and emotions. Break out the popcorn for date night. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!


Me Before You (2016)

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Ok.  I can see women like this movie a lot more than men because of the sappy romance side of the movie, but this is about an important topic that is not spoke about nearly enough. The right to die is a very important issue especially for the elderly. The movie is ok, but it will leave you thinking about it and talking about it when it’s over. It’s part of an ongoing debate which involves people of all ages, and I think it needs to be discussed more on a legislative level. Maybe the movie is a good start for that, I don’t know, but what I do know is if a women has a right to choose to be prolife, what can’t an elderly or crippled person choose to end their life if they are in a sound state of mind?  As far as the movie is concerned, you can see where this is going from a mile away. Acting is good, sound track is good, and acting is good, story….not so much. Guys – you might get roped into seeing this one on a date night, but outside of that there is no reason to go out of your way to see this. Tread lightly folks. The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!! Now go run along!

Mother’s Day (2016)

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God Awful. I’m on a bad streak with movies right now kids. First off I want to Feynman to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out and please drop me a few movie recommendations at either or at  Now this movie is from the liberal Hollywood perspective of how they look at all of the people of Atlanta Georgia. Of course anyone from the south is an ignorant racist hick, intolerant and the sole reason for any problems in their children’s lives. Give me a break!!!! This is not a news flash because I think you all should know this but if you ever see a movie with Jennifer Anniston in it, you should immediately pass on it. Don’t get me wrong, at her age she still brings the heat like no other and we are all big fans of Rachael Green but this broad has never ever made a single good movie period. I have no idea how she is constantly working. The movie is not funny in the least. I mean like not even a single funny one liner the entire movie. One of the characters is a standup comedian…if I as in the audience when he was doing standup I would throw fruit at him and boo the $hit out of him off the stage. This movie is just that bad!!! Trust me. Can somebody, anybody please stop the bleeding and recommend a good movie for me??? I’m begging you!!!  Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all costs!!!! The Mobile Movie Man has spoken!!!!